The quest for don quixote auditions

Theater at the Fort

8920 Otis Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46216


The Quest for Don Quixote

by Mark Brown 

Audition Dates: January 7th and 8th from 7-9 pm.  If you aren't able to make these times, please use the contact form here to schedule an audition time.

Auditions will be held at the Theater at the Fort. 

Located at:

8920 Otis Ave

Indianapolis, IN 46216.

Feel free to use the map above for directions.   If you are unable to locate the office please feel free to call or text 317-607-3437 for guidance.

Actors will read from the script.

Performances will be March 23,24,25,30,31 and April 1st at the Theater at the Fort.

All Roles are open.

Any questions please feel free to use the contact form on this page.

You can read a preview of the script on the Dramatic Publishing website:

Actor #1 Ben, One of the Four Horsemen, Sanson Carrasco, Knight of the Wood, Devil

Actor #2 Jeffry, Innkeeper, Mambrino Barber, Barber (Fernando), Duke of Tierra Malvados

Actor #3 Don Quixote, Freston

Actor #4 Housekeeper, One of the Four Horsemen, Crap Beater, Sheep and Sheep Herder, Curate (Domingo), Marge, Duchess of Tierra Malvados

Actor #5 Quixote's Niece (Antonia), Death Horsemen, Crap Beater, Maritornes, Sheep and Sheep Herder, Princess Micomicona, Not Dulcinea, Dulcinea

Actor #6 Sancho Panza

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