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Fat Turtle Theatre Company, an Indianapolis-based 501(c)3 theatre organization, was founded in 2017.  They obtained charitable status in 2018.  The vision of Fat Turtle is creating theater that builds up the creative voices of Indianapolis, and surrounding areas.  Indianapolis is a town full of artistic talent that has been silenced for too long.  The creative talent, that hasn’t had the chance to be heard will now have the chance to shine.  Affirming the immediate need of artistic expression, through stories that are relevant to the Midwest and beyond. The team consists of several passionate members that are striving to improve the foundation of theatrical talent in Indianapolis.  Membership will expand as we find people who we believe are focused on servant-leadership as we push forward to making sure all voices are heard in this town.


Fat Turtle Theatre Company is an Indianapolis founded and based theatre company dedicated to giving voice to the playwrights of Indianapolis.  Creating an environment that allows Indianapolis and the surrounding areas the opportunity to show that their voices deserve to be heard.

Managing Members:

Founder / Managing Director - Aaron Cleveland

Founder / Artistic Director - Brandi Underwood

Media Director - Andrew Thomas